The Dumbing Down of um, er, What was I saying?

Here we are in 2018 – Did you ever think the future would look like this?
-Eating Tide Pods
-Dumping buckets of ice water on yourself for charity
-Butt Chugging Cough Syrup
-Setting yourself on Fire in the shower
-Eating Ghost peppers
-Arguing over what color a dress is
-Eating mouthfuls of cinnamon
-The Kyle Jenner lip challenge sucking your face into a shot glass till your lips swell up
-Pranking friends by putting hot sauce in peoples underwear and filming them
-Fighting over if water is wet or not
What is WRONG with you humans?
Not only the ones doing this dumb crap but the ones watching it, sharing it, arguing over it and making these dumbasses famous. 
I say take off the warning labels. Consume whatever you want, shove whatever you want wherever you choose on your own body, toxic, electric, on fire – whatever- go for it! Weed yourselves out so the rest of us can get on with things! #NaturalSelection
Ajax Challenge Anyone?