Every time you shop, you are placing a vote for what kind of world you want to live in.

Every time you shop, you are placing a vote for what kind of world you want to live in.

Companies like Monsanto (who produced seeds as well as pesticides and herbicides) are spending millions of dollars to block and prevent food from being labeled as GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). They do not believe you have the right to know what you are eating and choose accordingly. Why? Because if you knew and understood what you are consuming, you would not be doing it.


GMO’s have been pushed forward through science by big corporations because they grow faster and are bug resistant – making them bigger profits. The problem is that GMO vegetables, grains and fruits can actually mutate human genes leading to all kinds of health issues including autoimmune diseases (the body turning on itself) and cancer.

Monsanto and other corporations who profit from the sale of GMO foods vehemently deny all of this claiming that they are saving the world.

 The kicker is that we, the consumer, are also part of the problem. By continuing to buy GMO and conventional produce as well as products, which are processed and made with them we, are supporting their business and in turn hurting our health and ourselves.

More and more law suits are being brought against Monsanto and bills are attempting to pass to enable us to have food accurately labeled so that we, the consumer, can decide for ourselves what we choose to put in our bodies and that of our families. But in order to win this battle, we are going to have to step up and each take some personal responsibility for what we eat and what we buy because WE ARE the ones who are funding them and their battle against all of us. The power is ours, but until we realize it and step into that power, things will continue to go as they are. More and more people will become ill over time because of the ingestion of these Franken Foods.

What steps can you take to help?

-Shop local organic as much as you can.

-Take a look at this list of companies who donated to the cause (on both sides of the fence) and give your food dollars to those who are fighting for – not against your health and your rights.

-When you shop for produce – look at the stickers. If the # starts with a 9 it’s organic. 4 is conventionally grown and 8 is GMO. Try your best to buy only 9’s.


People of course will argue that Organic Foods are more expensive. I can’t tell you that isn’t true. What I can tell you is that America needs a perspective adjustment. What you are saying when you grab a GMO apple vs. an Organic one for a small price difference is essentially “I’m not worth it.” – Yet that same person has no problem shelling out hundreds of dollars when they get sick to go see a doctor or pay for medications.

Buy choosing organic non-GMO you are choosing prevention. You are choosing to respect your body and you are ultimately choosing health and lower medical bills in the long run.










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