Have you heard of Miracle Mineral Solution?

Out of all of the cleanses that I have done over the years Miracle Mineral Solution (sometimes referred to as MMS) was the harshest. It is incredibly effective, but not for the faint of heart or anyone who cannot be within easy reach of a rest room the entire course of the treatment.

There are very mixed reviews online about MMS. Some love it and some hate it, there doesn’t seem to be much in between.

Why does MMS gain such a strong reaction from those who try it?

MMS is a chemical solution of chlorine dioxide in quantities small enough to be safely ingested, yet large enough to kill pathogens that are presently living in our body, robbing it of energy, and poisoning it with waste material which make it more vulnerable to disease.

For you science minded individuals – Chlorine dioxide and chlorine are not the same. Chlorine is a chemical element. In ion form, chlorine is part of common salt and other compounds, and necessary to most forms of life, including human. A powerful oxidizing agent, it is the most abundant dissolved ion in ocean water, and readily combines with nearly every other element, including sodium to form salt crystals, and magnesium, as magnesium chloride. You can’t have life without the chlorine ion. However, in the diatomic state, Cl2, chlorine is deadly.

It tastes awful. Likely as awful as anything you ever have or will put in your mouth. Mixing it with apple or grape juice that does not contain ascorbic acid (that is important) helps, but it’s still not pleasant.

It is also incredibly important not to go gung-ho into this and think you can take more than it recommends. Please trust me on this. Start slowly and work your way up.

What is MMS good for?

• Allergies
• Arthritis
• Cancer
• Cardiovascular Problems
• Cirrhosis
• Chronic Infections
• Chronic Inflammations
• Colds
• Heavy Metal Toxicity
• Kidney Disease
• Lyme disease
• Liver Disease
• Malaria
• Sinus problems
• Thyroid
• Lots of other ailments!

What is the MMS experience like?

Of course this is going to vary from person to person depending on your level of health and how toxic your body is currently. If you were completely healthy and cleared of toxins you would experience nothing other than drinking some bad tasting solution because while it kills pathogens, healthy cells are completely unaffected.

When you are toxic however that’s when the fun stuff begins. Detox symptoms can range from runny nose, watery eyes, sniffles, headaches, muscle aches, to intestinal cramping, nausea, and on the extreme end vomiting and diarrhea.

During a cleanse when you feel these things it isn’t that you have just been exposed to germs and are sick or that the solution is making you sick (though that is a very common assumption and why many people will stop the protocol right there and then). What is happening is that the solution, which kills pathogens and toxins has found them within your system, is killing them and flushing them out. It is often not pleasant to go though. MMS for me had the strongest detoxing reaction of any of the cleanses that I have done.

We are usually oblivious of the pathogens that are introduced to our body, especially after they have been stored in the tissue of various organs. Since they build up over time, they generally affect our health slowly and with cumulative effect.

MMS supplies the body with the chlorine dioxide in a “timed release” manner lasting approximately 12 hours. Please be aware, that before you feel better, it is likely you will feel ill. If you feel sick when you take this protocol, know that your health and vitality awaits you on “the other end” of the ill feeling.

You should also consider an intestinal cleanse before starting your MMS detoxification program especially if you have never done one or not done one in a long time. Why? Because the more acute or “chronic” your condition, the more likely it is that you’ve got compacted fecal matter lining length of your colon. Laxatives are ineffective at dissolving this stuff. Colon Helper or Colocerin would be a good choice. Both are very gentle and effective. This will allow your body to utilize the MMS more effectively and with less detoxification symptoms.

What do you need?

• 1 Bottle of MMS
• 1 Clean empty dry glass (not plastic)
• 1 Eye dropper
• An activator for the drops (vinegar, lemon juice, lime juice or citric acid).
• Some grape or apple juice (without ascorbic acid added) to taste.

Directions for the protocol:

Take the solution twice a day, first thing in the morning and again in the evening.
*Always start with 1 drop or ½ a drop if you are sensitive. The idea is to gradually increase the dosage day by day by one drop only until you reach 15 drops daily without nausea.

To Mix:

Place your drop(s) in the empty glass.
For each 1 drop of MMS add in 5 drops of either vinegar, lemon or lime juice or citric acid)
Wait for 3 minutes
Then add 1/3 to 2/3 of water, apple juice or grape juice and drink

(If you feel OK and do not notice nausea on the first dose, increase by one drop for the second dose.

If you do notice nausea reduce the amount of MMS for the next dose. Do two doses a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. Continue to increase by one drop each time you take a new dose.

Reduce for one or two dosings before going back the amount that it took to make you nauseous.)

Note: If you notice diarrhea, or even vomiting that is not a bad sign. The body is simply throwing off poisons and cleaning itself out. It will go away as fast as it came. It is not real diarrhea as the body is just cleaning out, and it is not caused by bacteria or virus. When the poison is gone, the diarrhea is gone.

Once you reach they higher levels of drops per day most of the viral, bacteria, mold, and yeast will be gone from your body. Your body will then be able to easily adsorb vitamins and minerals and many other nutrients it might have been missing up to this time.

The exact length of this protocol will depend on how long it takes you to reach the 15 drops. *Some people may not get to that level. I myself never made it past 10 drops maximum.

What benefits did I experience:

I took MMS for food allergies and general over all health boosting. I, like most people, did hit a couple good pockets of toxins where I spent a few hours in the rest room feeling just horrid. They were correct though; once each episode passed I did feel better and more energized than I had. It did seem to have a positive effect on lessening my allergies as well. Additionally, having had Lymes Disease in my teens my immune system was never quite the same after it. MMS seemed to help bolster that. While it wasn’t a quick fix for everything, I do feel it was worth doing and a good stepping-stone on my pathway to health.

The FDA does not approve of this product one bit. Which in all honesty gives me more faith than ever in its effectiveness. Here is their review word for word:

AUDIENCE: Consumers, Emergency Medicine

ISSUE: FDA warned consumers not to consume or use Miracle Mineral Solution, an oral liquid solution also known as “Miracle Mineral Supplement” or “MMS.” The product, when used as directed, produces an industrial bleach that can cause serious harm to health. The product instructs consumers to mix the 28 percent sodium chlorite solution with an acid such as citrus juice. This mixture produces chlorine dioxide, a potent bleach used for stripping textiles and industrial water treatment. High oral doses of this bleach, such as those recommended in the labeling, can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and symptoms of severe dehydration.

BACKGROUND: MMS is distributed on Internet sites and online auctions by multiple independent distributors. MMS claims to treat multiple unrelated diseases, including HIV, hepatitis, the H1N1 flu virus, common colds, acne, cancer, and other conditions. The FDA is not aware of any research that MMS is effective in treating any of these conditions. MMS also poses a significant health risk to consumers who may choose to use this product for self-treatment instead of seeking FDA-approved treatments for these conditions.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Consumers who have MMS should stop using it immediately and throw it away. The FDA advises consumers who have experienced any negative side effects from MMS to consult a health care professional as soon as possible.

Only you can decide what is right for you and what you are comfortable using on or in your body. Do your own research on this and any other cleanse or treatment before proceeding.

Wishing you the very best health,



No Miracle, Just Wonderful Chemistry

To Purchase MMS: http://miracle-mineral-supplement.com/

originally published: http://www.hcbl.com/blog/have-you-heard-of-miracle-mineral-solution/

Disclaimer: This is only my personal experience. I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice.

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  2. Enrique says:

    You are not a medical professional and your advice is a public health hazard. Someone needs to stop you before you kill somebody.

  3. You have every right not to listen Enrique…There are millions of other sites out there on the internet. My articles are all opinion, research and experience based…….. I have made claims no where that I am a medical professional…. I am a writer, researcher, and a natural health advocate. But frankly? You would likely be better for listening to what I have to say.. If you are dealing with health purely though a medical doctor in this day and age I sincerely wish you good luck.
    Have a lovely day!

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