Is SEO Flooding the Internet with Pointless Crap?

Well, unfortunately, the simple straight forward answer is “YES”. Thanks to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) there is a lot of content that is added simply in order to get the attention of search engine crawlers rather than the express attention of their targeted readers.

Quality content is getting fewer and further between online.

  • Click bait sites
  • On Page pop-ups
  • “Articles” (and I use that distinction loosely) where there are a single picture and a single line of text and a big ‘ole NEXT arrow next to it requiring you to poke through a dozen or more pages in order to get the gist of the author.  This is done because each page counts as a click on the site and can boost their analytics artificially, yet technically without cheating (using any blackhat SEO).
  • Articles that read incredibly redundantly and unnaturally because they are overstuffed with keywords

Many articles that would not be written at all are written simply for the sake of SEO. It works as part of a funnel to guide potential clients or fans to your website. Make no mistake… as silly as it seems? It does work. The bots find the keywords and your site, thanks to blogging, will slowly increase in rank on Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.

Why is that important? – the higher up on the search engines you are, the more likely clients are to find you, and you cannot buy your way to the top!

The Key is to write quality blogs written so that another human will want to read them, not just the crawlers. It’s a tricky balance and takes some time to master.

Blogs should be fun, informative, researched and easy to read. If writing isn’t your forte, and you would like some help – Ghostwriting is a fantastic option. I blog for a multitude of clients all in their own name. The articles are approved and then posted. They add value to the main mission of the site and company itself as well as boost the traffic and overall SEO performance.

Interested in having blogs written?
Chat with me. While it is just me here at Sarah Barendse Creative Designs, and yes, I can only write so much, I also have a whole team of writers backing me up over at Damonaz Design.