Morgellon’s Cleansing Detox Bath

Most people have still never heard of Morgellon’s Disease. It is a skin condition that is not recognized by the medical field. It presents as skin sores which contain a fibrous lesion. Fibers may be black, red, white, blue, or red. Severe fatigue becoming chronic may also be present. Depression, joint pain, skin rashes that look similar to chicken pox, sores, memory loss, feeling like bugs are crawling on you are all also reported symptoms.

There has been much done online to try and make it seem like this is a mental condition. To discredit people’s actual personal experience calling them crazy. The CDC simply labels it as an unexplained dermatopathy. To the people who have it, they know it is real. They can see and pull out fibers. I’m really not sure what is imaginary or hallucinatory about something you can physically pull from your body. Then again, these are the same governing bodies that believe COVID is a pandemic and with a 98% recovery rate we should now inject experimental non FDA Approved mislabeled “vaccines” into ourselves to prevent it, yet even if you do get the shot you still have to wear a mask and social distance.

Perhaps the CDC and the WHO are not people you should listen to. Never listen to anyone over your own internal knowing when it comes to your health. You are the only one who has lived in your body. If advice seems wrong, don’t take it.

This is the first detox cleanse I have run across since hearing about this disease a decade ago.
I have not tried it as myself I thankfully do not have this disease.
I did want to pass it along.


The Morgellons’s Bath Detox is very simple and very effective.
Get some organic soap (liquid) about a shot glass and alfalfa hay (or some hamster pellets).
Make sure you have enough of the alfalfa to coat (mostly) the surface of the water in the tub or about 80% of it.
While filling the bathtub, put the soap in with the hottest water you can handle, place the hay in and get in it and soak for about 20 minutes.
When done dry off with a towel and then put the towel in the washer and wash right away, or place in a plastic bag and seal it.
Then get on some rubber gloves and clean the tub with a paper towel and put it in a plastic bag and seal it and dispose of it in the trash.
Then Clean the bathtub with organic soap like Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap 2 times, make sure all the paper towels go into the trash and you seal them.
You may repeat this as often as you feel necessary.

Wishing you good health,


Morgellon Fibers

Additionally, if you have scars forming like those pictured. Use raw honey. Put the honey on like you would a face mask and just leave it for 15 min. Do this daily and the scars will begin to fade!

Pictures source: Morgellons disease: a filamentous borrelial dermatitis (

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  1. Joni Menz says:

    Can I use the Dr Bronner’s peppermint soap in the bath soak or does it need to be plain organic soap?

  2. sarahbarendse1975 says:

    Yes absolutely. That’s a natural organic soap. Adding peppermint is only serving to help your body release more toxins. 🙂

  3. Jamie says:

    can I use wheat grass powder since I have on hand? I heard it just needed to be a living green that draws it out.

  4. Katie says:

    I’m just curious what’s with the alfalfa? Most alfalfa is GMO? Curious how this works and why that may or may not matter. Thank you!

  5. sarahbarendse1975 says:

    I believe the alfalfa is simply to absorb the fibers. It won’t matter GMO or not. (nonscientific answer and really my best guess).

  6. rol says:

    Kinda tough when you have them in your face

  7. sarahbarendse1975 says:

    Im so sorry you are dealing with that……………… Yes, its hard to soak your face….
    Just thinking out loud here… I bet if you have a grinder like a ninja you could grind up the pellets to dust, add the soap, and make a paste.. put it on like a mask, then steam your face over a bowl for 20 minutes, perhaps using a very hot washcloth to wipe it off a few times in that time…. and reapplying. Get the shower as hot and steamy as you can, or if possible take a sauna first then do it so your skins open as possible?

    That I think would be my attempt.
    Good luck and hope for the best for you.

  8. sarahbarendse1975 says:

    There is also a product I found called Detoxosode. Its made in Naples, FL which MAY work too and if nothing else gets all the airborne chemicals we breathe in out of us… you may feel like ass on a plate for a day or two doing it if you are very toxic (flu like) but then you feel much better after.

  9. Roland says:

    Thank you Sarah. It is not for me, but I have a background in Science. I am actually doing research for my daughter. Who is in the Medical arena. Thank you for sending me this information. Very nice of you. Thanks, Roland

  10. Roland says:

    I will say “You are Very Intelligent” because that is exactly what I did. But, it is for my Beautiful daughter. She is an RN, always caring for others. But You mentioned the Soap. It isnt the Alfalfa that draws them out? Ive read a few believing it was the Alfalfa. Thanks for your Time. Roland

  11. sarahbarendse1975 says:

    Yep it’s the alfalfa that attracts the fibers as far as I know. They have soap in the mixture as that draws out oils so I am guessing helps the absorption process? Also, soap mixed with the alfalfa would just help it stay on your face vs trying to rub a wet grain on there.
    Very welcome.
    I think in these cases we are all figuring this out together.

  12. EmBo says:

    I heard recently to not use powder – the heat of the bath opens your pores and the powder gets in there, which is like a feast for the AI. So it could make it worse.

  13. Nancy says:

    How bad is the alfalfa for septic? That’s my concern and how can drainage be helped? Cheese cloth, possibly?

  14. sarahbarendse1975 says:

    Hi Nancy,
    I am sorry, but I don’t know the answer to those questions. This article I am just passing on myself.

  15. DAVID FILLER says:


  16. Deborah says:

    I did this with the hay because i put a few pellets in to see if they dissolved and they didntThey were hard and really compressed….The hay makes HUGE mess!Now i looked and didnt see any wormy things when i was done so does that mean i didnt have any?Or maybe missed them?…Not sure but decided this is way to much work so will wait for something i got called Nano Soma to get here…..Its on backorder thats how popular it is….Goggle it to read about the way it detoxes so well your body automatically heals itself of everything!

  17. sarahbarendse1975 says:

    Thank you Deborah for your input. I havent tried this myself, I was just passing it on in hopes it might help someone. PLease come back when you try the Nano Soma and comment on that if you would! I would love to hear your experience.

  18. Heather Gaw says:

    I have heard of this method recently but I just want to say thank you for sharing your information. I have heard of borax and alfalfa pellets, pellets to absorb those little s.o.b.s, I have not tried this yet but I will tell you what does work to KILL it, not just draw it out of your skin and body, apple cider vinegar in high concentration in the bath works, only straight acv will burn but our skin is dead so it can take the acidity, i use half a gallon generally with hot water and soak as long as possible, this allows the skin to soften and those things to be exposed, drawn out and killed, your dead skin will easily come off and you don’t have to be afraid, you will feel the density of organisms in the water but they are dead, it doesn’t work if you don’t use enough acv, the acidity level has to be high enough, one way I can tell is by how easily the dead skin on my feet comes off, the easier the better its working. I also use coconut oil as soon as I get out on my whole body because coconut oil kills it also inside and out, so it ensures anything coming out of my skin after the bath is cleansed and prevents reabsorption of fibers from your clothes (ever notice fuzz balls where there should be none? Like a brand new beanie that hasn’t even been washed? Thats them contaminating fabric) coconut oil will stop this from eating holes in you as well. This is the most humiliating thing I’ve ever dealt with in life, its UNREAL and it can be very scary, it is alive and it is no joke. Eat healthy and take proper vitamins, ginger and coconut oil are key, sugar feeds it. I actually have a lot more information, that took me two years to learn through experience and experimenting with myself, but just wanted to share what I know about the bath and what I know works to KILL them. The alfalfa’s purpose is to absorb the live fibers because they contaminate everything they touch. I have not tried the acv with alfalfa so I would recommend just the acv if you try that method. I’ve also put tea tree oil, coconut oil and ginger together in the bath and to make a body scrub I use coconut oil, ginger and Epsom salt. I hope this helps… I also recommend cleansing from the inside, my list of vitamins is: coconut oil, ginger, cayenne pepper, garlic, tumeric, acv, oil of oregano, cinnamon and a multivitamin, so far, thats what I know is working.

  19. sarahbarendse1975 says:

    Thank you so much for sharing what you know! I am sure it will help someone.

  20. MIho says:

    After this detox bath with alfalfa, next day, I feel pinching pain in my both legs when I took bath as usual with Epson Salt. Is this side effect of detox?

  21. sarahbarendse1975 says:

    I am sorry to hear that. I honestly don’t know. This one isn’t a blog that was written by me… I just shared it.

  22. sarahbarendse1975 says:

    I did have a similar feeling in my legs when i went to a float tank for the first time… zapping pain can be nerves reconnecting. (that was my guess at the time)… just a thought.

  23. MIHO says:

    I don’t have Morgellon disease but I did try this detox method. Is this detox good for Morgellon disease and detox of vax and what else? If people do not have this Morgellons disease or has not taken the jab, there is no good effect? Amazing thing was my bathtub got clean after I did this detox.

  24. sarahbarendse1975 says:

    Hey there MIHO, I am sure it does still have a detoxifying effect though I would not know exactly what it might draw out. Interesting you did it and saw results visible on your tub! Thank you for letting me and everyone know.

  25. Kim says:

    Hi you have to use a black light to see the things coming out of body and very important to wear gloves after soak you can put head under water too which u want to so that all of head is detoxed also also after emptying tube of hay shower with the soap then clean tub with gloves on with active charcoal and demascus earth

  26. sarahbarendse1975 says:

    Very good to know, Kim, Thank you!.

  27. Robert Fatheree says:

    To all who endure this disease, please never give up! we all suffered enough. Four years ago I suffered all of the Morgellons symptoms. Today, it is something similiar without the threads. It is more ropeworms, strongyliodes, and more critters than you could imagine. A month ago I tried to end it all with about 20 muscle relaxers! well some how i awakened to go to the bathroom, fell on my face,broke my nose, and God was not ready for me yet! So, here I am with more Faith, and Spiritual Fitness than before, fighting this disease with a bit more resolve! Frankly, I should be quite dead! Just wanted to share and thank you all for your experience, strengths, and hope so we can live again!

  28. desiree says:

    My heart goes out to all enduring this severe pain & disgusting “Ima walking sci fi movie” feeling. Its complete torture. I pray & pray z& cry & cry. A few things iv learned to sooth the pain & draw thm out is USED dryer sheets. My dear mama acctually searched tht out for me❤ she felt so bad after seeing the hurt and horror in my eyes after saying she read its all neurological😢😠 i screamed in pain & disgusting feeling frustration, as im pulling more fibers from my jus seconds ago de’fibered long johns “does ghis look like its all in my head to you, it looks pretty real and present to me, whilst torturing me and consuming my life😔 she felt so bad she found tht divine amazing lil morgellons life hack out for me. Its instant relief. Charcoal soap and charcoal washcloths of shower gloves are great too. I add palmolive dish doap, a trick i learned outa desperation. Anywhere tht is inflamed palmolive & water helps. It also gets thm outa your laundry. Rain water is the best tho, my water pipes busted and i was using rain water a few summers ago and was blessed with tht lil morgellons life hack also. Even jus lahing out in the grass soaking up the morning dew for us as well. Grounding/earthong has helped md cope. Theres also a wkld weed with a lkl yellow bulbs on top ghe bysh tht grow in big ‘tribes i’ll call em😆 they grow no more thn a few incges high &can be plucked and rubbed on inflamed area on the spot, gently, i pik the root and all and thank mothercearth while praying to Creator for relief. The plant will drastically age& wither and become black in spots from soaking those foreign lil demons from hell outa you💯 i also learned from a elder in my village they can be boiled and bathed in leave the plant in when you por the water into the bath. It cured her 2 grand childrens severe exzema. She had to take thm to the E.R frequenthfrequently before. After tht bath they never had one episode of excema again💯 i get it severely in all hair follicles😔😢 a friend had an idea to try a battery powered lice comb, instantly pulls them out. My boyfriend would do my eyelashes and was in shock at wht would come out, it even lights up green everytime it snags one like it does for lice💯 oatmeal soaks/baths work also whilst softening the skin. Iv heard someone mention a coffee bath but im not sure how tht works. I do add used coffee grounds in my charcoal body wash with palmolive mix, i akso add mineral or cocunut oil. Iv heard something about lemon helping but dont recall the directions of hand. Oh powerful magnets held to inflamed area can be relieving, eye make up remover is another phenomenol one as is astringent💯Hmmmm i think thts all my morgellons hacks iv aquired, i like to swap secret home remedies any chance i get. 😔i was so disgusted and in pain and have had severe issues with any type foreign entity on ,y person since i was a toddler and could not even speak to express my discomfort my mama always teased me. i sould come up to her holding my hands out or quikly be naked in any puddle, lake, bird bath ect. she passed down the photo evidence to my lraZy ocd issuea to my boyfriends as i grew up😂 #iMissYouSoBadMama😔💔 #SheWasRecentlyMurdered😠😢💔 well i hope i can bring comfort to a few in this lil soul tribe of ours, if i do with any a tgese lil morgellon life hacks please think of me and say a quik prayer. Im not doing well at all emotionally & mentally since my mamas murder. I gad jys gone threw loosing my man, after loosing two pregnancys we were trying for, then my two neonephews were legally abducted we were adopting and had since birth cuz i spoke up on 2 yrs of non oayments and excuses Totaling 40 grand. You cang demand cooperation to childschild services and bargun theirs cooperation for your further cooperation. Thts INSRANT removal of foster kuds even when child services is embexxelimg hundreds of thousands of dollars from all over your home states foster families with such a lame excusexas they have repeatedly lost all oaper work. From all 3 different offices of the applixation process place😡#ThrAboutKilkedMe #PeaceLiveLight&PrayersToAll❤

  29. desiree' says:

    To reiterate real quik j wanted to apologize in my comment if any typos occured. I dont know if its jus my bad luck or if all vould nog see wht they were typing as tgeyyped it, nor is proof reading a option😕

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