Nutritional Response Therapy – NRT

For most of us, taking vitamins is like shooting fish in a barrel. We are blindly guessing as to what we think we might need and what might help us. Often we are right, but just as often we may be tossing money away. Nutritional deficiencies lead to a breakdown in immunity and a loss of ability to cope with environmental stressors. This is where Nutritional Response Testing comes in.


Nutritional Response Testing is a full body, full system testing method that works through applied kinesiology (muscle testing). It is designed to figure out what needs to be adjusted in your body in order to attain perfect health through use and supplementation of whole foods. It treats the body as a whole rather than just treating and masking the symptoms.


Nutritional Response Testing does not give a diagnosis (name a disease) or recommend medical treatment (surgery or drugs). It has two parts. First is the analysis and second, is the personalized health improvement program which uses clinically designed nutrition.


The analysis is performed by utilizing your body’s own strength and weakness as determining factors to underlying causes.


The analysis: Applied kinesiology muscle testing – Each reflex is indicative of a specific organ, tissue or function and whether there is energy or lack of energy in the body. You quite literally ask the question and your body answers. It is a matter of knowing how to listen.


What does this look like?

Laying flat on your back you, as the patient, extend your arm straight up in the air – palm down. The practitioner will then with two fingers apply light pressure on your wrist while activating, through pressure with the other hand, the organ, system or area in question.


An ability to easily hold your arm steady indicates the area is functioning properly. A weak response, where your arm falls with barely a touch is indicative of a blockage of energy, underlying stress or dysfunction and a need to be fixed.


During this analysis once a weak response is found they will then test it again using small vials of different minerals, vitamins, supplements and herbs. When the proper healing item is found, the response will change from weak to strong as the missing connection in the circuit has been realigned.


Once the correct nutritional supplements are found, as indicated by the testing, the practitioner will work with you to create an individualized plan to readjust the imbalances.

Descriptive video:

Demonstration Video:


Nutritional Response Testing has helped me personally several times throughout my life. It has helped to correct imbalances such as:


-Food Allergies

-Environmental Allergies

-Lyme’s Disease

-Adrenal Fatigue


This is a little-known modality of healing that really works.