Pure Integrity Verified Seal of Approval

When it comes to what to eat these days it is nearly impossible to navigate the labyrinth of information and misinformation out there.
Labeling is sketchy at best with items not marked as GMO or not and multi billion dollar companies fighting against our right to know at all,  multi syllabic ingredient names you need a PhD to pronounce let alone understand, pesticides being sprayed on our crops and absorbed into our produce… Even when items are marked as organic, non-gmo, healthy, or natural….

Even when there are labels – just because something is marked NON GMO PROJECT while it is GMO Free it does NOT mean it is TOXIC FREE.  NON GMO crops can be and routinely are sprayed with Round UP, pesticides and herbicides. It is the TOXIC POISONS that are slowly killing us.

Do we really know what we are eating?

A step forward in this movement is being taken. The Pure Integrity Verified Seal of Approval is gaining momentum partly in thanks to the Fuel For The Body Tour by Lynnette Marie – The Organic Guru.

This is the YES TOUR:

YES to Clean Food, Clean Water, & Clean Air! We are bringing awareness across the nation & empowering EVERYONE to live an organic, toxic free & vibrant lifestyle! This is made up of a National Bike Tour Wyoming to Michigan (1630 miles) AND International ‘mini’ Tours (approx 30 miles).

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What IS the Pure Integrity Verified Seal of Approval?

THIS IS THE LABEL of the world for TRUST removing  GUESS WORK for the shopper.


The Meaning of the Pure Integrity Verified Seal

The Pure Integrity Verified Seal of approval means pure, integrity, quality and above and beyond organic ingredients without toxins or ingredients that become toxic when mixed with certain components. The Pure Integrity Verified Seal means the product was made with love, purity, and integrity. The seal means never compromising with industry standards. Using the most sustainable packaging as possible with out the BPA.

These products are sure to be FREE from GMO’s and MSG’s. If the product is a supplement in vitamin form, then the supplement will be RAW organic whole foods without added fillers or soy lecithin. Our strict standards are keeping everyone’s best health in mind. If we do find out that a company has sold out or started using toxic ingredients, the seal of recommendation is sure to be removed immediately! Just because a product is GMO free does NOT mean it is toxic/chemical free or even organic. Just because it is paraben free does not mean it is non-toxic. So recognizing this seal is assurance of purity and integrity.


Pure Integrity Verified Seal of Approval brings to the world one of the highest quality standards in the industry. The Pure Integrity Verified Seal of Approval, is the household name for organic products so you don’t have to worry about yoru purchases. Only the purest products on the planet will gain the Pure Integrity Verified Seal of Approval. Helping the world to know about GMO’s as well as the toxic chemicals that are being sprayed on our planet. Reflecting non-compromising standards so that you may be assured of Pure Integrity products in your home. Helping the world to understand the importance of knowing their food sources and getting to know their farmers. Dedicating timeless effort to assure you and your children of a safe and toxic free future.


Pure Integrity Verified Seal of Approval’s vision is to help heal the world with purity and quality life style. By setting the standards for Pure Integrity, there is no room for compromise or for sickness and diseases. Living a quality life style can be obtained and will help heal the world. Continually touring the world to enlighten the public of the importance of real foods and relationships are the start of healing the planet. Visiting farms world-wide, we will help you to get acquainted with local farmers in your area. A sick nation will surely fall but a healthy nation will conquer ALL! Together we will make a difference!

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Interested in having your products and company verified?



In order for a company to be recognized as ‘Pure Integrity Verified’, they must pass all criteria of Pure Integrity Verified Seal of Approval standards. As stated in the Seal Meaning and then passing the guidelines below.

  •  We will send one of our team members to meet each of the owners of the companies for interview to analyze the true intentions of the company.
  •  A Certificate of Analysis will be needed to compare ingredients on the product packaging.
  • The packaging of products should be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.
  • All ingredients of the products must be 100% organic or wild crafted. If products are clothing jewelry or accessories then products must be renewable, organic or sustainable. (we do not go by the industry standard of the USDA measures nor do we care if that logo is obtained). No fillers, No ‘Natural Flavorings’. No MSG, No GMO, No titanium dioxide and no sodium benzoate mixed with citric acid.
  •  If you outsource for ingredients/products, you must practice fair trade policies.
  •  If your company is clothing or accessories, then products must be sourced, fair trade and made with pure intentions and integrity.
  •  If you are a meat farmer/provider, then animals must be fed a natural and organic diet, no hormones, anti-biotics or inhumane treatment. Animals should be free roaming. They should be grass fed and grass finished if they are grass eaters. Not only should they be humanely raised, but harvesting of the animal in a humane way is a must.
  •  In the event your company has a change of ownership or a change of labeling, then certificate of analysis will need to be re-evaluated as well as the integrity of the new ownership.

When these simple criteria have been met, then you have earned the “Pure Integrity Verified Seal of Approval”. This is an EARNED seal NOT ever to be compromised.


For general inquiries:
phone:  417-365-7805
email:  getfueled@fuelforthebody.org
For marketing, purchases & donation enquiries:
Nanette Little
To help locally here in Naples, FL
Please sign up via facebook with local Team Captain and Organizer Jill Dixon of The Healthy Home Company and www.toxicfreewellness.com
CLICK HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/362862963875831/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular

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