UPDATE: TSU – A Personal Apology from Tsu Creator, Sebastian

After contacting tsu as well as having many good friends write in as well as post on my wall – This is the letter I received:

Hi Sarah – my name is Sebastian and I founded tsu with a sole purpose of providing royalties to users for the commercial use of their content, likeness and image. It’s incomprehensible to me to that current platforms can monetize whatever imagery and content they want without the owner commercially benefitting in any way.

We have been live for about 3 weeks and have garnered some users but I was especially struck when I received an email from a friend of mine to look into your account to ensure something is not awry. We have one million people but one unhappy user is too much for me.

After looking at your profile, I noticed that you have been communicated to incorrectly and I think this is what has led to your frustration. Firstly the gush of users in week 1 required us to set strict spam filters searching for follow-for-follow/follow-me comments and posts, share-this-to-make-money posts, etc. and we identified in an automated fashion users that fell into this category – perhaps you fell into the filter this way. Without further analysis right now I cannot tell you if some of your posts or comments triggered this. That said, the email that you received was not banishing you into eternity, but it was a warning that your account had automatically been placed into a temporary ban until we could get a response that your account was real and you understood the terms and conditions. Once we received that we would ‘unban’ you immediately to go on your merry way. However after reading the template email that was sent to you, the communication to you was woeful and it is now fixed exactly because of you. So I have to thank you but unfortunately it has come at a crescendo of your frustration. I take the blame.

Currently your account is still active and nothing is lost from your activity, including your family tree and any monetization. In fact you have been still collecting royalties for your prior efforts this entire time, so albeit it has made you mad, the construction mechanically is working in rewarding you for your work. The following at the bottom are your statistics. Your account is no longer banned and I personally apologize to you for everything and I would like to invite you to try our platform again, but I understand you probably have us on a dart board now. If you choose not to continue, please let me know and we will do anything with your account that you wish – we can leave it, remove all the content and you just collect royalties or we can delete. If you choose to remove yourself we will send you a check for your royalties. I would prefer that you come back after accepting my heartfelt apology. Our automated emails are now better thanks to you and we have updated our mobile apps to assist users’ experience – so, I think you will find it more edifying than when you tried it last. I hope this is a large learning lesson for us and you will assist us in making this better for everyone, including yourself.



Am I completely convinced that this is on the up and up? I’m not, I am a little gun shy. I like to think the best of people and take them at face value, but that naiveté has led me down wrong paths before….

I accept Sebastian’s apology. I will amend the blog posts to include this and I hope in the future things go smoother for the users of tsu.



My reply:

Hi Sebastian,

First of all thank you for taking the time to look into this and to write back to me. Yes, I was very upset. I am an amazing content creator and it was like a slap in the face to be banned from a site I was putting so much effort into. 

With my account appearing to be by all logical reasoning still working and me cut out of the picture you can see why I would think that tsu.co may have been set up as some kind of scam… There are so many out there these days….
I appreciate the apology. I also appreciate that you have now changed the message that comes out to people. That old one seemed very finite. It wasn’t only me who got the same impression of what was going on. 
I did go quite public with my upset………… with that said, I am also going public with your apology and correction to the issue.Sincerely,




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  1. Ken Danieli says:

    Congratulations, Sarah! That’s awesome. I’m glad I read your blog about this yesterday and happy to see quick action on it.

  2. Ronald LaRue says:


  3. Angela Marie Webster says:

    Congrats Sarah!! Great job!! Cheers!!

  4. Paulo Moniz says:

    Hello Sarah! I think I’ve been a target of the same injustice as you! Buy support@tsu.co continues ignoring me. What can I do? 🙁

  5. Impressive response from Sebastian, Sarah! And love your response back. Wouldn’t surprise me if he offers you a job!

  6. Wouldn’t that be a weird start to a business relationship. LOL

  7. Ari says:

    You should demand a pound of flesh

  8. David says:

    I am so happy that this is getting resolved! Way to go Sarah!

  9. LOL @ a pound of flesh Ari hahaha

    David, yes thank you. As am I.

  10. When money is at stake, suddenly automated filtering systems seem unjust – and rightfully so. The whole concept might be a failed business model, as those who get banned/lose out on money will indeed be bitterly scorned, and others will game the system for profit illegally. Intewesting anyway, thanks for sharing your experience, Sarah. <3

  11. I tend to agree there Sheila! very welcome 🙂

  12. This proves to me how genuine the founders of Tsu are. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  13. christian says:

    Pls. Unbanned me 🙁 I didn’t mean to use the pic of tsu as my cover photo… Im really sorry. Please unbanned me 🙁

  14. Denise Ward says:

    This is good stuff. Thanks for sharing the whole thing. Openness forever!!!

  15. hi sir my account has been banned i didnt know which i post is wrong i request you to unbanned me i will not post such type of post again

  16. Booyah says:

    Gratz sarah on gettin unbanned add me if u want https://www.tsu.co/bjanevski

  17. Great reading Sarah ! I am almost tempted to try Tsu myself now….. ^^)
    Thank you for sharing your story. Sebastian has a quality too many CEO’s lack and I respect that as well. mkey……. the 2 of you together have me convinced….. see you inn there ^^

  18. Hamza Louarti says:

    Hi Sarah my account has been banned too and i don’t now why ??? can i have the contact of Sebastien !! … thanks and congratulation

  19. Hi Hamza,
    Sebastian asked that I not give out his personal email but rather have you write into support@tsu.co
    Hopefully they can get it taken care of for you!

  20. srikrishnanaik says:

    hi sir my account has been banned,i dont know which post was inappropriate which i post, if any wrong with my account im sorry,give me one chance and unban my account,i request u to please unban my account and delete a post which is inappropriate…….

  21. hi sarah my account has been banned,i dont know which post was inappropriate which i post, if any wrong with my account im sorry,give me one chance and unban my account,i request u to please unban my account and delete a post which is inappropriate…….

  22. Patrick says:

    Hi Sarah, my account was just banned 3 days ago, no reply to complaint mail, same banal “template message”. I have been on the internet for 20yrs. I do NOT spam. Even in “marketing” efforts, I do not collect emails, make funnel pages, etc… for that exact reason. I’m glad your situation worked out. Not sure I want to continue with tsu in “any” case, it has been a bit of a floppy experience, while the deluge of happy/glitter pic posts and follow/share for $/amazing content comments abound.
    All the best!

  23. Hi Patrick,
    As I have had several people say the same thing I just emailed Sebastian.
    I wrote:
    Hi Sebastian,
    I am having all kinds of people emailing me stating that they are still getting the same message I was initially given and was upset over that was supposed to be being changed. They are being banned for what they feel is “no reason”………
    As you were so kind as to look at my account for me and reinstate, I don’t want to give out your email – but the support@tsu.co apparently isn’t helping as I keep getting more and more messages….


  24. ATTENTION ANYONE WHO HAS BEEN BANNED: Please leave me your tsu.co/name here so I can give them a list ASAP!

  25. ATTENTION: IF YOU HAVE BEEN BANNED WRONGLY – Please leave me your tsu.co/name here ASAP, i am sending them in a list!

  26. Patrick says:

    Thank you very much young Lady! I’ve made repeated “no action” postings with other profiles in regard to my main one being banned. No change as of yet, though the profile has gained more f/fs!
    Weird stuff.

  27. Marija Petra says:

    tsu.co/marinama Tahnks! 🙂

  28. dyary salam says:

    Please admin admin unbanned sorry for violate please unbanned
    user name:dyarys
    name:dyary salam

  29. naikb002 says:

    hi sarah my tsu account has been banned for no reason,please send my tsu account to un ban my tsu account is tsu.co/srikrishnanaik

  30. my tsu account has been banned for no reasons please unban my account,my tsu account is tsu.co/srikrishnanaik

  31. For all of you who have left your actual tsu.co/… account name (page) i have emailed in! Hoping you hear back soon.

  32. RESPONSE FROM TSU in regard to those who have left me their accounts which have been banned…..


    All of these users were banned for confirmed spamming.

    Follow me/Follow you, Follow4Follow, language
    Begging for shares
    Misrepresenting the amount of money to be made on tsū
    Irrelevant repeated commenting
    Links to get-rich-quick sites

    Although they were banned, their accounts are still viewable by clicking their shortcode if you would like to see what I am referring to. If you click on the user’s other social media accounts linked to these accounts, you will see they have been removed from other platforms as well. The above mentioned activity is against the tsū terms and detracts from the community. Also, although no confirmed reports have been received, much of the content on these pages is copyrighted photography. Posting this type of content without the original creator’s permission is also against tsū terms and illegal. As such, we will not be lifting the bans on these accounts. Please invite these users to create new accounts but to please review our terms if there are any questions about what is okay to post.

    Kind regards,

    Sorry guys and gals……… I tried!

  33. Babul Islam says:

    my account was just banned 8 days ago.please help me,,,,,my account link:https://www.tsu.co/babul017

  34. Hristijan says:

    Hi Sarah, i was banned but i didn’t know the rules on tsu, now i do but how to say to them to unban? This is what they said to me: ”If this is your first violation and you were unaware of the rules, you may make an appeal for your account to be reinstated. To do so, please review the terms and conditions here and the reply to this email to confirm. Also, state your request to be reinstated.”
    What should i do, please help me..

  35. Philip Reilly says:


  36. my account was just banned few days ago.please help me,,,,,my account link:https://www.tsu.co/moizkhanzada

  37. Guys & Gals, i have zero pull with Tsu and I do not work for them. Write in to support@tsu.co

  38. Giampaolo Martinelli says:

    please help me, I have been banned ;( my name is: tsu.co/martins2068

  39. Giampaolo Martinelli says:

    tsu.co/martins2068 PLEASE HEPL ME

  40. I don’t work for or with TSU.co. I have no way of getting anyone unbanned guys and gals.

  41. Please see my comment just directly above!

  42. lando cole says:

    Tsu sorry for posting and not following rules and regulations and I hope u for give me am new to this sight so I have to learn more about sertain rules it won’t happen again.

  43. Hi Lando,
    I doubt Tsu.co reads my blog! LOL Might want to email them directly! support@tsu.co

  44. Kristina says:

    How were you able to contact Sebastian personally? Because I too, need to get into contact with him. I was banned from my account on Tsū for no reason probably because of the scam.

  45. Kristina says:

    My link is tsu.co/mermaid_at_heart92 I hope you can help me I would like to get back on to my acct and not have to start over

  46. Hi Kristina,
    Id love to be able to help but I dont work with or for TSU.

  47. saadmustafa says:

    hellow sir please em sory i like to many requst and post please back to me my account il never ever again not sent many commets and req please sir back to me my account ‘

  48. Hi – Im sorry. I dont work with or for tsu.

  49. Irwin says:

    Hi Sara i have a question if i was referred, but i erase the name of the referral code, i will have all 90% money that I do, or it will split with the person referred to me?

    sorry if it is selfish.

  50. Hi Irwin,
    you need to contact Tsu directly. I am sorry but I do not work for them and cannot help.

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