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  1. Ronald LaRue says:

    Troubling indeed… I was about to begin using them too.

  2. Yeah It really stinks. I love the set up, the idea, all of it. Its a great site! Until you get booted for no reason…

  3. theresa lee mcmillion says:

    wow Sarah, looks like if they banned you, I’m surely getting banned :/ find me on FB!

  4. Thanks Theresa! So glad to not lose touch!

  5. Sorry to hear this Sarah. Many people are reporting that somethign they have done has caused a ban. You are not the first. If someone else reads this and gets banned, please come and leave a comment on my post about tsu so people can be informed. http://www.amandablain.com/tsu-scam-things-to-consider/

    P.s. your memes are funny 🙂

  6. I’m considering deleting my account if they don’t reinstate yours. That’s ridiculous that they would do that, and I don’t see a single post on your page that even looks like “spamming” or is inappropriate. Lovely they got their panties in a twist over an active member of their community. That was a huge mistake on their part.

  7. Thank you very much for the support.
    It seems as of this morning they have disabled the ability to join under me, however, when i go to my profile, it is still there as it flashes up and bounces somewhere else. It is STILL collecting followers – This is identity theft at this point as well as false advertsing and using my likeness and image with revoked permission…….I want it deleted entirely.
    The staff at tsu refuses, so far to answer me.

  8. PS: You all can still add me and contact me via facebook as well https://www.facebook.com/barendse

  9. Ken Danieli says:

    It looks like your page is back up on TSU. Congrats. Were you able to determine the reason for the ban notice?

  10. It was never actually taken down. I however, am banned from using it. They are still gaining followers on my acct and making money off of me.

  11. There are other people having the same issue with them…..

  12. Wow, yeah. That is unacceptable behavior!

  13. They have been reported to the FTC and I will be speaking with an atty. At this point, this is fraud and false advertising as well as identity theft.

  14. UPDATE: I made enough waves to get to Sebastian, the creator or tsu.co. I received an apology. Please read my newest blog for the update.


  15. Booyah says:

    congratz sarah on gettin your account back add meh https://www.tsu.co/bjanevski

  16. “To TSU: I want either an apology and reinstatement OR I ask firmly that you REMOVE my profile!”

    You agree to their Terms of Service when you create an account.

    “This is identity theft at this point as well as false advertsing and using my likeness and image with revoked permission”

    Its not identity theft nor is it false advertising. I would suggest getting a dictionary and looking up those definitions.

    You agreed to all of their Terms of Service when you signed up for the service.


  17. Antonio… funny, TSU didnt even agree with you…….
    Everything has been resolved. They changed the wording of the email that goes out to tsu users because of my acct issues.

    Had it been as it appeared, yes it would have been as I had stated.

    But thanks for the terms and conditions!

  18. Thanks Booyah, Ill add you!

  19. They banned me for no reason, because I posted memes from google? lol!??

  20. Well that makes no sense…. pretty sure everyone is doing that!

  21. Amanda says:

    I chose to delete my own account because it was a waste of my time but I too find that my profile is still ACTIVE even though I cannot log on anymore and I’m still getting children. I’ve emailed multiple times and no reply. I want my entire profile removed completely. If anyone has had luck having their profile removed completely please let me know how!

  22. RNLknows says:

    Im Banned too .. for no reason.

  23. Geeze, yeah that was one of my initial complaints was that i couldn’t access and it was still going. The address Sebastian gave me was support@tsu.co, is that where you wrote in to?

  24. Humph! sorry to hear it! I would try and email support@tsu.co

  25. hatem farwana says:

    i have 1250 friend and 850 flower and they banded me why?? my nick name is hobe_ana

  26. Guys I would LOVE to be able to help…….. But I don’t work for or have any influence at tsu.co….
    You need to write TO THEM…. support@tsu.co
    Best of luck!

  27. jhef says:

    I am banned too for spamming/inappropriate activity… what a BS! i hate spammers & now im banned for that reason… i didn’t do anything stupid on tsu.. all my posts are genuine. They should have warned me or put the specific reason for banning me. My efforts getting over 100 children where my network grew to 20k plus now totally wasted. im greatly frustrated with them. i emailed them but still no response yet. Their team sucks right now..

  28. Sorry to hear this. Can u please send me the email they sent you saying you are banned? They promised me that they were changing the way they did things. If its the same old note as before i will contact Sebastian for you to contact as clearly they are not holding up their end of the deal to correct these errors. My email is sarahbarendse@gmail.com

  29. Hakim says:

    The same case for me , I’ve been banned for no reason after 4 days of use, and my account still banned till now :s , i don’t know what to do to recover it :'(

  30. Marija Petra says:

    My tsu profile was banned 7 days ago. I received an email that my content was inappropriate or I was spaming. Neither is realted with my profile. I sent many e-mails to TSU with no response. I will appreciate if you could help me. tsu.co/marinama

  31. RESPONSE FROM TSU in regard to those who have left me their accounts which have been banned…..


    All of these users were banned for confirmed spamming.

    Follow me/Follow you, Follow4Follow, language
    Begging for shares
    Misrepresenting the amount of money to be made on tsū
    Irrelevant repeated commenting
    Links to get-rich-quick sites

    Although they were banned, their accounts are still viewable by clicking their shortcode if you would like to see what I am referring to. If you click on the user’s other social media accounts linked to these accounts, you will see they have been removed from other platforms as well. The above mentioned activity is against the tsū terms and detracts from the community. Also, although no confirmed reports have been received, much of the content on these pages is copyrighted photography. Posting this type of content without the original creator’s permission is also against tsū terms and illegal. As such, we will not be lifting the bans on these accounts. Please invite these users to create new accounts but to please review our terms if there are any questions about what is okay to post.

    Kind regards,

    Sorry guys and gals……… I tried!

  32. Only on tsu for 1 days, I was banned out of no where for no reason. I received an email after the ban that said I had either spammed or done other inappropriate activity. Neither is true.
    please active my id

  33. Hristijan says:

    Hi Sarah, i was banned but i didn’t know the rules on tsu, now i do but how to say to them to unban? This is what they said to me: ”If this is your first violation and you were unaware of the rules, you may make an appeal for your account to be reinstated. To do so, please review the terms and conditions here and the reply to this email to confirm. Also, state your request to be reinstated.”
    What should i do, please help me..

  34. Hi Sarah! I found your post searching for others banned from TSU. I just got banned after a week and $0.78 in my account. I used only once “add me” in the first day and received a warning email. From then, I never used “add me” “like for like” etc. like many other uses do. I posted original content from my site and my images /not inappropriate/ I have noticed that almost everyone posts images from pinterest and other sites without any problems. I shared many of such popular images but it is because they get many likes. I do not know the reason to get banned but I think it is better for me not to lose my time anymore liking and commenting for cents.
    PS – for this week I received only 1 /ONE/ visit from TSU to my blog – I thing it is because everyone is busy to like and comment and no one reads content and click the links.

  35. Hi all…. once again guys I dont work for or with Tsu.co – I cannot unban you! I’m sorry!

  36. Mustapha lahraoui says:

    hello My friends i want to tell yoy Tsu its fake always when i had 5000 friends my account Banned without resean and when i send support to know what happen or why my account working mo one answer me

  37. lee says:

    interesting info! thanks! one thing i will say though, is that mocking another person’s religion could be deemed offensive, reappropriating other peoples work is a copyright issue, even though u would not know it from being online & that maybe some of your meme’s were a bit close to the bone for tau. all the best though. i am probably just a bit left in the dark about the rules of content creating as opposed to original source creation.

  38. Not really sure where you saw mocking of anyone’s religion….. unless you mean the meme on it feeling like a cult in calling new sign ups our “children”…
    Frankly people need to stop being so offended at every little thing all the time. It is a waste of time, energy and focus.
    As for copy right issues……….. If that were the issue by which banning was occurring? They would need to take the entire site down……. the whole thing is one big copy right infringement.

  39. Tsu is amazing I have $8 🙂 tsu.co/icklekitchen.

    Facebook is dead! Long live Tsu!

  40. Im up to almost $19 myself 🙂

  41. Philip Reilly says:

    Just been banned today. No spam, no begging for followers, no copyright infringements I am aware of, though I did post youtube music videos a few times. Definitely no obscene materials. Very confused. Spent countless hours building up to point of getting about 25 cents a day, about 800 followers, 1800 friends. Not sure what I did. Sent reply to appeal and ask for reinstatement. If i get reinstated and do not start where i left off, there is no way I will do it again.

  42. Md Ashik Ur Rahman says:


  43. Md Ashik Ur Rahman says:

    tsu is bat system for using i hate tsu
    cz tsu my ID is banded but not give back so i used Facebook not Interested tsu and not shear tsu for may all friend i try bad suggest for your tsu okay thanks

  44. Not sure what part is confusing you…… I don’t work for tsu.co……. I cant access their admin panel so I cannot unblock anyone….
    I am a blogger. You are ON my blog. LOL

  45. j Bharath says:

    Very useful websites

  46. karla says:

    hello people im from peru im kinda worried about that banned thing. im not doing spam im not beging followings and nothing. they sent me an email tellingme they erased like two post cause they considered were innapropiate. now im trying to follow more people and its impossible. what the heck is going on? anyone?

  47. shinnokina says:

    How is creating memes from someone else’s copyrighted materials (photos) “original content”. Original content is what you create originally, not using someone else’s ready pictures. Writing a sentence and a LOL on a copyrighted photo grabbed from the internet is not original content. And Tsu gives money for this? You know, that you are liable for copyright violation, right? 🙂

  48. I gave up on tsu. This is a pretty old blog. When they started it was not clear what they considered “original content”. The pieces i created are original… But yes some were made using borrowed photos. I myself have not reached an amount to pay out as i stopped loging on. As for coming after someone for copyright infringement. Sure… But they could pretty much sue everyone who posts online or on facebook if you really want to get into it.

  49. JTB says:

    shinnokina is very right. Its aboy true original content. It all goes wrong with that small little words ” borrowed photos”. So you gonna give it back to whom you borrowed it from? Or you gonna give some of your revenue created with this borrowed content? So ywou want to use a picture? Grab a cam or your phone!Wanna be all wisomey and wisey? Copy pasting tex or those same ol damn quotes youve seen on fb ? No, start typing! 😀

  50. Does anyone even read my replies? LOL

  51. BTW:? You dont always know if a pic is or isnt copyrighted…………. and you cannot tell If they purchased a pic from a stock photo site….. which then gives you the right to use it any way you want….
    So before getting all judgy on everyone…. think a little. Just saying!
    Anyway.. as I said above, I pretty much gave up on tsu.co…

  52. And to those still leaving the message “UNBAN ME” Im very sorry but I cannot. I have no affiliation with TSU.

  53. Hi,
    I search “tsu banned” and find your blog, I just in tsu only one day and get banned. Maybe I and you and more people being waste time for this site. It seems most people are banned before reach $100.
    For friend, comback facebook with me 🙂

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