Body Positivity and Fat Shaming – Falsehoods That Need to Be Ripped Apart for Your Own Good

There is a growing trend in media and social that says that if you don’t agree that someone is at their best when they are overweight suddenly you are a fat-shaming bigot who doesn’t accept people.

This is a huge load of crap.

Body positivity started out as a wonderful concept. Acceptance of the self as you are, where you are, in the now. Absolutely always love and accept yourself. You are unique and cannot be compared against anyone but other versions of yourself. BUT – This does not mean that you should be complacent and fall into the trap of comfortability and not work on yourself. That goes for emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical.

We are ALL works in progress – never completed and never done. Individual masterpieces.

Carrying extra weight has become normalized but it isn’t healthy. It doesn’t mean that person is lazy, or even fat. It means they have to carry around excess body fat which weighs down the body. It is more difficult for every single organ in the body to work at its peak and it is hard on and detrimental to your health. The same can apply for being underweight if the reason is eating disorder based or rooted in other ill health.

Be whatever you want to be, by all means. But don’t lie to yourself and think that being overweight or obese is good for you or a positive thing. Nor should you expect others to play pretend with you.

As we all grow older health becomes a focal point. If you don’t take care of yourself when you are younger, I am telling you – you are setting yourself up for potentially a lot of suffering down the road.

Hear me
Don’t hear me
Either is ok, I have said my peace.


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