Looking for a Great Keto Cereal?

NuTrail Nut Granola is an unexpectedly delicious alternative to its high carb counterparts.

My favorite is the Blueberry Cinnamon Crunch. With the small serving size of just 1/3 of a cup I was expecting to be disappointed and still hungry afterwards.

I was pleasantly surprised that it was crunchy and very filling. It’s not bad as a dry snack, but it is even better when combined with Not Milk – Plant Based Milk. This is another product that also makes my top 10 list for incredibly new healthy alternative products. Together – fantastic.

It really is nice eating things that not only are great for you, fit into your macros, but actually make your munchie happy.

NuTrail™ | Keto Nut Granola & Keto-Friendly Food & Snacks


Whether you are doing keto, low carb, or just looking for healthy breakfast or snack – here you are.

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