Has Your Facebook Account Been Compromised?

Find out if you are the only one logging on to your Facebook

While Facebook is fairly secure, with hackers where there is a will there is a way! It is easy to check your settings and see where logins have been coming from. Here is how!
Just follow these simple steps.

#1 Go to your settings


#2 Click Security & Login





#3 You can now see “Where you are logged in”

logged in

From there you can delete any connections that you do not recognize. The wizard will guide you through to change your password and re-secure your account verifying recent apps added, activity, page roles, and other security measures.


Facebook wizardThough not every connection will be a hacker, sometimes you will see pinged tower locations for cell phone use, but if you don’t recognize a location, better safe than sorry.

Keep your digital information safe folks.

Sarah Barendse