Health Writer vs. Internet Trolls

I have received a lot of flack lately in regard to my health-based articles.

People shouting “You are not a doctor!” “You aren’t qualified!” and so on. Internet trolls are popping out of the woodwork.

They are correct. I am not a doctor. I have never claimed to be a doctor. I do not offer medical advice at all.  I am a Natural Health Consultant and Advocate, which frankly gives me a lot more room to speak the truth without fear of losing my license to practice.

I am a well-informed, well-spoken fellow human being who cares about others and over the years has amassed a sizable knowledge of health and healing practices. I WILL continue to share that knowledge.

The FDA has made darn sure that regardless if something works, if it cannot be patented and profited off of, it cannot be promoted as a “cure”. It is a sad reality of life and healthcare today in the United States of America that pharmaceutical corporations, the FDA, and many doctors do not want your health to stabilize and for you to thrive.

Health doesn’t turn a profit. Sickness does.

The articles I write are based in research, opinion, and experience.

No one “has” to follow my lead. For that matter no one “has” to even read my blog at all. In fact if you believe whole heartedly in Western allopathic medicine as the end all be all only way to go in health care, I have no idea why my articles would even interest you.

I am not discounting western medicine. It has its place – emergency medicine is vital if not sometimes miraculous and western medicine can, if used properly, complement and work along side of natural health practice, self-care and prevention.

Disease is created in the body and only from within the body, mind and soul can it be released and cured. Traditional western medicine only treats the physical. It’s an incomplete picture, an incomplete fix and often times only masks symptoms rather than treating the root cause.

My suggestion is to keep an open mind as far as alternative health practices go. Do your own research and form your own opinions. Never take anyone’s word as the gospel. That includes myself as well as your physician.









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  1. coscon says:

    I’m all for the free flow of information too, for it gives people the power to make informed choices. And Western medicine has, unfortunately, become more about profits than about people. Big Pharma (on whose payroll I am not and never have been, LOL) couldn’t make a profit off of regular ol’ insulin for diabetes, for instance, because insulin is a hormone and hormones can’t be patented. So they came up with unique delivery systems for insulin, as well as insulin alternatives that CAN be patented, cost many times more than traditional insulin, and have many more potential horrifying side effects (like bladder cancer). That is just one example, as you know.

    But not all critics are trolls, of course, and I suspect that not all of your critics really have a problem with you per se, but rather with a certain friend of yours who is a natural cures “expert” and who DOES claim to be a doctor. It may seem unfair, and it may be unfair, for people to go after you for your choice to be friends with that person… but he is sort of an albatross, IMO.

    One thing we both agree on: “Do your own research and form your own opinions.”

  2. That’s a whole other ball of wax… being persecuted on whom I choose as friends….. I don’t really have much to say on that subject other than we are all adults who have free will, that includes friend choice. If we only kept friends everyone liked and approved of? – None of us would have any friends at all.

    *I wasn’t referring to you at all in this article Connie…. we may not agree on some things……. but you do always have the guts to speak up as yourself for what you believe…… I am fine with people having differing views or opinions….

    Trolls are the ones who name call and get just plain rude, for no real reason, under fake names.

  3. Nilzeitung says:

    vielen dank !! Toll für das toll Artikel, wünsch ihnen vielmehr erfolge mit ihren vorhaben(Blog Ziel). danke.((*L*)) das auch uns folgen !!!!!!!alles gute!!

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