The Best Apology is Changed Behavior

We are human. It is bound to happen in life that each of us will make a mistake that will in some way hurt another person. Once we realize it has been an error on our part that has caused the damage if there is any hope to repair it an apology and amends need to be made.


Saying you are sorry and actively meaning it, having learned from the situation, are two entirely different things.


What’s the difference?


It isn’t all that difficult to utter the words “I’m sorry” for most people. The problem becomes when, though they do feel regret in hurting you, they often times revert right back to what they were doing once forgiven. It can become a pattern.


The best apology is changed behavior.

What is difficult at times is changing the behavior behind the event so that the apology is validated by the resolve never to repeat it again. Only then is true healing on both parts possible.


Open communication on both parts is vital to bridge damaged friendships and relationships. We know it is not always easy and sometimes can benefit from working with a facilitator to act as a third party mediator. Monarch Wellness offers professional counseling services right here in Naples, FL. To learn more please visit

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