The Subtle Signs of a Narcissistic Relationship

Walking into the valley of the shadow…


Narcissism is not always blatant.

We look for a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a trickster who leaves their victims confused, afraid, and isolated. 

But we could be talking about a partner, a friend, a boss, or even a family member or spouse. 

All can be hard to spot if you don’t know all the signs. 

Especially those closest to our heart in romantic relationships. 

When you met, being with them probably felt like your birthday, Christmas and 4th of July all wrapped up in one!

You found your heart pounding at the idea of meeting them again. 

But these days, the mask has slipped. 

No matter what happens, it’s ALWAYS your fault. 

Given a long-enough timeframe, the narcissist in your life will have you believing:

  • Your decisions don’t matter
  • Your emotions are irrelevant 
  • And your sanity is questionable.

Their ultimate goal is to isolate you. 

Keeping you confused and dependent so you can’t even make decisions without asking them first.

This is where “The Narcissist Trap” comes in. 

A new, transformational 9-day event designed to help you recognize and deal with the effects of narcissism in your life. 

Most people struggle to spot the warning signs. 

In their heart they know something is terribly wrong, but they are unable to pinpoint the source of the problem.  

They lack the words to describe what is happening to them.

This condemns them to live in a constant state of fear or confusion.

Not any longer… 

Featuring insights from 23 world-class experts.

Therapists, psychologists, coaches… You’ll have the tools to see past the sheep’s clothing to expose the wolf hiding within.

Fear and manipulation needn’t keep controlling your life.

You’re about to become a beacon of resilience and strength. 

Get ready. 

This event will bring clarity to the confusion and restore the confidence that’s been stolen from you.

Including a $25,000 gift featuring Eliott Roe, the undisputed expert at instilling an unbreakable mindset.

Break the chains. Restore the balance. Reclaim your life.


P.S. Every day you avoid the situation, is another day the narcissist in your life gains more control. 

It’s time to regain your sanity and reclaim your life.

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  1. Robin says:

    I’d love it if you’d put a date on these articles.

  2. Sarah Barendse says:

    Thank you Robin! You know? I never actually noticed it did not date them. I will start doing that. I appreciate the feedback. This blog was posted on June 12th 🙂

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