Is natural health becoming more and more about ego and money?

Is natural health becoming more and more about ego and money as time progresses?

As people fall away from believing solely in western allopathic medicine more and more seeing the destruction long-term pharmaceutical use can cause they are turning, rightly, to nature for relief and healing.

It’s hard to know who to listen to.

With western “approved” medicine and medical treatments there was always the illusionary safety net of being able to depend on FDA approval, medical boards, and reputable doctors who graduated from well-known universities. But so many of those avenues have been contaminated no longer having humanities best interest at heart. Much of it has turned in favor of big pay offs and kick backs that people are now searching for alternative healers, body workers, doctors, speakers and writers who share information in order to ease their ailments rather than following traditional routes.

I think most of us can agree that the majority of those who get into Natural Health, Healing, Body Work, and even those that go to medical school do so because they want to help others to live happy health lives. It does seem though that with all of the contradictory informational confusion, especially with the invent of the internet combined with the desperation of those living in pain who search for help, healing and direction, an off shoot of what the market is producing is a certain percentage of high profile self promoting self proclaimed self help gurus whose main goal is padding their bank accounts.

Though much of the information coming forth is sound, there seems to be a growing emphasis on showmanship, ego and personal career boost vs. really helping the people they proclaim to want to help.

Time and time again it is feeling like the same story as a re-run with a different cast of characters. Scams are prevalent either with products that do not work as promised or even when the products do work or are of good information there are those that prey on others who are willing to fund, support and jump on their well intentioned band-wagons only to lose out in the end.

This makes it increasingly more difficult for those who are well intentioned and do business honestly and to get people to believe in them and what they are promoting, which often times could very likely help improve their quality of life, yet they may pass on an opportunity and miss out as the trust level is being degraded.

Becoming informed, aware, and knowledgeable about health is no small feet especially as more and more information comes to light on a daily basis with previous conceptions and misconceptions changing as well.

We as human beings are intricate puzzles. I fully believe that all health issues can be solved and healed if we work with our bodies rather than fighting against them. Finding the core issues and allowing healing is vital as the mental, emotional and spiritual manifests in the physical. Getting to a level where you not only understand this on an educational level but on a root level of core belief takes time, study, personal clearing and often investment in ones self.


When choosing to devote your life or energy towards a mission of helping others along their path to health of course you do deserve payment for your time and effort. It is work. As much as many of us would love to simply volunteer our time, talents and knowledge I do understand that we have bills to pay and lives to maintain just like everyone else. I am not saying it’s wrong to make money in your chosen field. Money is nothing but an energy exchange. It keeps Universal balance flowing.

So how do you tell the difference between someone who is genuine in their desire to help humanity and someone who has gotten wrapped up in their own ego and is in it for the attention and the money?

I wish I could give you an easy answer. Having been duped myself a couple of times the best advice I have is to listen to your intuition and your feelings. If something feels off or wrong, don’t push that aside. Never listen to anyone above your own inner voice no matter how persuasive they may be.

Along with that if you have become involved in something or with someone that you later find isn’t all that it was cracked up to be, stand up for yourself as well as others if you see an injustice taking place.

 Greed, Money, and Ego have completely contaminated Western Medicine in our society….. Lets not allow the same thing to happen in the field of Natural Health.

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  1. Emma Sibel says:

    So fits for some I had faith in. Mr. Law of attraction Trudeau for one……… I lost a fortune in GIN because I believed in him.

  2. I think that it has always been about money and ego, even in the “natural health” industry. At least it has been about money and ego ever since “natural health” advocates started becoming workshop leaders and authors, and occasionally bestselling ones, several decades ago. (Ask your good friend about his experiences with “Fit For Life” co-creator Harvey Diamond back in the late 1990s. He may spin the challenges as being Diamond’s fault, but my sense is that there was probably a simple clash of egos.) The problem is much older than that, though. Whenever money enters the picture, that picture gets cloudy, and human egos being what they are, the picture gets even cloudier. That’s pretty much one of the underlying themes of my eight-and-a-half-year-old blog, and before that, my satirical efforts via “Cosmic Relief.”

    And if you look at it from a historical point of view, “natural health” and alt-health were always part of what I like to call the New-Wage industry, and have become increasingly so as all of it has become more mainstream. The bar for entry is still very low (in respect to formal credentials), and audiences are often particularly vulnerable (or gullible) for various reasons. Hence the industry attracts not only sincere renegades who really do want to help people — and yes, there are some good folks in the industry — but also hucksters and egotists and sociopaths who scam with confidence, knowing that they will not be held to the same standards of accountability (legally) as are the members of establishment medicine.

    Where alt-health/natural-health healers and experts are concerned, one indicator of their integrity is their response to criticism. If they fly off the handle at everyone who even questions their claims (even their most extravagant claims), and if they are unable to provide credible validation of their claims, and especially if they immediately resort to belittling and/or defaming those who question them, that should be a huge red flag.

    Intuition is a good thing at times, but do your research too. As our mutual friend Angela likes to say, “Research. And then research your research.” Facts are more readily available than some of the hucksters would prefer. And people who share some of those facts should also be prepared for vicious attacks from those who don’t want their secrets exposed.

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